DIY Christmas Hampers

Hi Guys!

This is a super quick post for me to share a little DIY Christmas Hampering I did this year.

The Packaging:

Home baskets…

For my Christmas Hampers I used 2 different basket sizes. They came in a 2pk from George Home, with one large basket and a smaller one sitting inside. I thought it would be nice to use a basket that not only looked pretty but could be used again! Buy here.

I also spotted some good ones at Wilco when I went to get some cellophane.


Keep it cheap and cheerful at Wilco where you can get 3m for only £1.

My small hampers only needed 1m and the larger ones, 1.3m to wrap. Oh and don’t forget to tie it all up with some ribbon!

Personalised gift tags…

Instead of having to carefully write out little gift tags, I bought A4 sheets of self-adhesive labels so I could type and print them. WH Smith sells some that come with a Word document template which is available to download for free in the product description. No fancy design software needed.

The Contents:

Something sweet…

It’s Christmas! Add their favourite chocolate, candies or cookies.

Something smelly…

Throw in some festive candles to set the atmosphere. You could also add a bottle of perfume or fruity flavoured toiletries.

Something personal…

What do they like to do? What goals are they working towards? What’s your favourite shared memory? Finally add a personal touch to your Christmas Hamper with their favourite game, bottle of wine or simply a picture of you guys in a cute frame.




It’s my birthday!

Big 25.

I had my list of personal goals I wanted to achieve by today and I’ve been mulling over all the ones I haven’t yet reached. So, over the last couple of days I decided to look at what I have been able to check off my list.

  • I’ve graduated whoop whoop
  • Identified my dream career – After studying various subjects over the years and researching numerous career options for someone with my education and skill set, I finally found a career and started making progress towards it.
  • Internship – Last summer I graduated and did a short course on Art Direction at UAL. I spent the next 14 months or so applying for creative internships all over the place. I went through a constant cycle of applying, not hearing back, updating my portfolio and re-doing my CV and cover letters, thinking next time… next time… next time… I would become disheartened for a while, then pick myself up and start the cycle over again. 3 weeks ago I started my internship at the charity who own the nursery I work at! They had taken over the the nursery this summer and all I had to do was drop an email and ask! I was so happy and so relieved. The Communications manager whom I am working with is so lovely and super helpful
  • Learnt Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign – I’ve made a lot of progress over the past few years and become proficient at using these packages. I just need to keep using these pieces of software when answering briefs to perfect it.
  • Moved out on my own – I always thought of 25 as the age for being a fully fledged grown up. I associated this age with having a career, a home, a family and generally having it all together. Well, my reality is far from that but I’m on my way!
  • Re-joined the gym – A healthy MJ is a happy MJ 🙂

Yet to do:

  • Get over my fear of driving
  • Build a banging portfolio kaizen
  • Secure my first graduate job as a creative
  • Visit MOMA
  • Blog more often  I say this every time!

Roll on the next 5 years!

The Birthday Girl-