Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

This morning I attended one of the first all night openings of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. This exhibition has been one of its most popular ever. To meet demand they’ve put on around the clock viewings which have sold out too! I mean going to a museum at 2 am? Really? YES! Even on this cold, wet night the museum was busy with visitors. It was so worth the lack of sleep.

The VOSS spring/summer 2001 collection was so trippy. The museum recreated a simplified version of the famous Asylum catwalk show. The show was set in a 2 way mirrored cube which represented an asylum with mirrors and white padded walls. The audience were left looking at their own reflections in the cube before it came alight and the show began. The models inside the brightly lit box could not see the audience on the other side, but only themselves on the mirrored walls.

Another section I enjoyed was the Cabinet of Curiosities, which is where I spent the most time looking around. The 4 walls were filled floor to ceiling with clothing, shoes and all sorts or weird and wonderful accessories McQueen had created. There were also several screens displaying catwalk shows between the pieces.

In terms of individual items, I loved the shoes but most of all the Armadillo. Not sure how any one would walk in them. I also loved the blazers McQueen designed in the early 90’s were edgy yet sophisticated. A great combination of his own innovative ideas and training on Saville Row.


I highly recommend going to see the Savage Beauty exhibition before it ends next weekend, but the only way to get a ticket is to get down to the museum at 10 am and buy one of the 200 or so available on the door.

MJ Doe


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