Diet? Coke

The Shady Marketer

For this weeks blog post I will be looking at one of the most prevalent unethical marketing campaigns in our culture, diet coke. Advertising zero sugar and zero calories on the can, diet coke seems to be a healthy alternative to its sugary counterpart. But as many people are beginning to realize, this is not the case. So-called “diet” drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin, and acesulfame-k, which some health professionals have claimed to be linked to cancer. There are also strong relationships between diet drinks and increased risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, even depression. With all these health risks how can these products be advertised as “diet?”

In the drink producer’s defense, these drinks are never actually explicitly labeled as being healthier than non-diet beverages. However with the implications of the word “diet” and the general negative stigma behind sugar and calories, diet drinks…

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