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Allora*, a couple of weeks ago I attended a short course on Art Direction at Chelsea College of the Arts (here) led by Giulio Mazzarini. I was probably the youngest and least experienced in the group and I felt a bit out of my comfort zone, but it was actually fun doing something new and learning more about the role I would eventually like to have. At the end of the course, we were given a brief for the National Trust to attract more 25 – 40 year olds. We had a night to read over it and then just a couple of hours to put together a moodboard and campaign to present to the group. I was freaking out and on my mini lunch break, I bit someone’s ear off trying to get something WOW for my campaign. Sorry. In the end it went really well. My tutor loved it and the group did too. They really engaged and asked me questions about it and how I could expand it. Great campaigns can be extended (Y)

It was nice to be back at ‘school’ especially doing something I’m really interested in. I wasn’t bored, not for a second and my tutor was really great obvs, he’s Italian. I can tell he is really good at what he does. Extremely creative. Very engaging. Always coming up with great ideas and poking your brain for something better.

I want to touch up my campaign so I can add it to my new portfolio I’m working on, before I put it out there. I’ll be back soon!

MJ Doe

*allora: anyway, so, therefore


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